Announcing next BIG THING on Monday GameFeast

If you like coding, games, managed code and Xbox 360 I recommend that you follow what XNA team is going to announce at GameFest tomorrow morning. 

wow..let me guess.. coding ..managed code.. that translates to some programmatic way of doing something..! but what ..? i don't know..but one thing i am sure of it has to do something with Xbox and gaming.. ok ..let me give you a wild guess ..its could be some SDK that will enable you to have programmatic control over gaming..

I love my guessing power ;) but what could be you do with the programmatic control on the games ..?? sorry i don't know that either but maybe you will be able to customize something like maps..? or something like that ..? noo.. i don't see that as a big thing.. so keep guesing ..thats the name of the game..!