Blogging From Word 2007

Hey so I guess it’s the time to share a few things. In my previous post I told you that I am posting in a new way but didn't tell you the new way…well it’s a new feature that comes with Word 2007 Beta 2 more for more details as Joe , all I know is this is a feature that I was really missing in word. Editing anything and everything in word is soo good that even when I used different editors for blogging my primary way to edit the post was word, I know it’s a hassle, copying pasting ..and all that ..but that was the best way at that time.

It's not that I didn't try using different editors but finally word is word match I had to settle for whatever was available. Now I am one of the happiest people after hearing that I won't have to use any other editor. Yep I know that there are some minor issues, like FTP gives some problems..and a couple of more things like you can only assign one category to the post (as far as I know). But still its better then everything else available..and surely will be.. thanks Joe a lot and Krista … when the content is coming ..we are waiting .. and this time I blogged before Scoble ;)