Command-line, the old beast ..

If you come from a oldies group (I don't mean the age ..please! ). I mean ..if you've been into dev since gud' ol' C days) then passing/using command-line arguments might seem natural to you.

But the problem is.. I would expect that every application which supports command line argument *should*   also support a standard way to know the switches like "applicationname.exe /?" should give me a list of all the switches.

Unfortunately, it's not the case for office (HINT: winword.exe /? will not give me a list :( ). I understand that we are living in a GUI world where I shoudn't  need command-line parameters, but I am a huge fan of *choice*   and,  to me,  it makes alotof sense that office still supports command-line parameters.

Moreover, there are a few instances where you don't have any option, other then using command-line( like the one posted by larry   . So, the moral of the story is - You gotta know the command line switches !

Here is a small list about the command line switches, although it might not be a complete list, but i'll update my blog after collecting the remaining pieces.


Office 2007 :

Office 2000 -2003 :

/a & /safe switch:;EN-US;813589




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