Doc Management System

Now its not about *pure* office automation ! big question for all of you ...don't see my comment on the blog :) in has the answer. here it goes..i have a system to open any document that is selected in the drop-down list using my program(coded in C#) i use Process object to open the docs so that i can log when the document was opened and when it was closed, when i use a word document and say

x =

New Process

x.EnableRaisingEvents = True



after the "Start" x becomes null (nothing), strange ..! then i tried

x.StartInfo.FileName =

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\winword.exe"

x.StartInfo.Arguments =



this works but still there is a problem, if a document is opened previously then again the i am at the square 1.

Any what to do ..??? try your dev skills ...!