Tagging Information With Windows Desktop Search API

Found something interesting while wandering on the web . The desktop search API, for the records I regularly use Desktop Search, and I never understood how did I worked before it..!

One more think that I like is the concept of tagging information, yes I know information can be found by searching but how the information relates with you ? this is a question that in my opinion no software can ans, because for answering this you will need to tell *what* is the relevance of *which* information to you. *How* do you relate to that information. So in *my* opinion tagging is the key. Have a look..


Windows Desktop Search, which is installed with MSN Search Toolbar, will find anything on your computer — e-mail messages, calendar appointments, photos, documents, and more. Searching your computer is as fast and easy as searching the Web, and the Desktop Search results window includes rich Windows Explorer features, such as multi-select, right-click, and drag-and-drop functionality.

Windows Desktop Search can be extended to index the contents of new file types and data sources. The user interface can be extended by associating icons and context-menu handlers with those items.

Also, queries can be passed into the Windows Desktop Search application and returned so that other applications can display the result sets from within the application.

This document explains these beta extensibility options and their implementation.


Now as the API is already provided I will try to build a tool for my use, which will allow users to tag the information. Unfortunately I have to earn my daily bread so I will not be able to give much time to this project but I will give as much as possible. Sure you can extend and use it as I will also upload the source code here (or maybe not exactly here I may also choose to keep it on a GotDotNet workspace).

I invite your suggestions for building this tool in a way that's most useful. Please help me (and yourself ) by commenting on this entry as you get any idea. Don't even try to judge your idea or how it can be implemented, let us get some ideas then we will think how to implement it


Inserted from <http://addins.msn.com/devguide.aspx>