Wow !! Win A Sub-Orbital Flight To See The Ultimate Vista

Can you believe it !!! yes .. this is the winning prize if you happen to solve the Vanishing Point Game ..

No, i don't want to miss out the real news but as so many people have already blogged about it, that its no more a Hot-n-New ! but believe me,these products are amazing and deserve a massive global launch.

Around the world, over 45 launch events will commence, including a televised extravaganza and celebrations at the Taj Mahal, a public concert at the British Library, fireworks at the Eiffel tower, celebrity-studded retail events in Rio De Janeiro, and huge pop concert in Taipei. You’ll see a ground-breaking international ad campaign in 20 major markets, retail merchandizing like we've never done before, and scores of partner-sponsored marketing programs and events.

For those not attending and wanting to keep up with what Microsoft is showing, you can check out for the following:

  • live and on demand streams of the keynote beginning Monday, 1:45 p.m. Pacific
  • interview with Bill Gates from celebration event
  • Videos of the events, interviews with partners, execs, slideshows of new hardware, and demos of Office and Windows Vista.