“The installation of this package failed” error while installing April 2013 CU (KB 2726992) for SharePoint 2013

There have been issues reported where the installation of April 2013 CU for SharePoint 2013 fails with the following error:

“The installation of this package failed”

If you navigate to the temp file location (open windows explorer and type %tmp% in the address bar) and open the log file, “OPatchInstall(1).log”, located in %Userprofile%\AppData\Local\Temp\2 folder, you will see the following error:

OPatchInstall: Getting the data from the file 'C:\temp\UBERSRV_1.CAB'
OPatchInstall: Thrown CDetectionExceptionWin32(2)

If you extract the contents from the executable ZIP file, you will see it contains two files; an exe and a cabinet file.


If you only copy the ubersrv2013-kb2726992-fullfile-x64-glb.exe to a different location and try to install the CU, the operation will fail with the aforementioned error. The is because the CU is dependent on the 'ubersrv_1.cab' file and hence both the exe and the cab file need to be in the same location for the installation to complete successfully.

To investigate and resolve update installation failures, see KB 954713


The issue can also occur while installing June 2013 CU (KB 2817363) for SharePoint 2010.