Getting Started with StaffHub

By now you would have ready about StaffHub and understood what StaffHub is and what it is not. In this post, we will see the experience of getting started and using StaffHub.

Microsoft StaffHub is enabled today for Office 365 customers with a K1, E1, E3 or E5 plan.

Navigate to or to go to the StaffHub.   

You will be greeted by the below Welcome Screen.




To start we need to create an Office 365 Group to work with StaffHub. You can give a name of your choice. 




Provide a Phone number to get an SMS with a link to install the Mobile APP




In the next screen give the users in your Organization who you want to add to this group. (You can also do this later). A link gets sent to the user as well.

Once we click on the "Finish setup" an email is sent to all users who are added to this Group.



The below image shows the default View users and administrator gets when they log into Staffhub.



As highlighted in the image below we have the option to add users to this Staff group.


Now we can click on any particular day to create shifts and assign to that user as shown below. 


Once the necessary changes are made(you can do changes for more than one user at once) and click on Publish.

4 5


You can right click on any day and perform the below actions.

  1. Add time Off
  2. Add Shift
  3. Edit Shift details
  4. Copy & Paste
  5. Delete






At the top Navigation, we have the below options

  1. Team --> To add users to the Team/Group
  2. Schedule --> To see the schedule of the team
  3. Files --> To share files with our team

Like shown in the image below we can add any kind of file PDF(like rules), Video(any how to), etc that we want to share with the entire team.



We have Members and Settings

Members to add and review the members of this Group

Settings to modify/update the settings with respect to this Staff group. We can also Delete this StaffHub group using the option in the settings page.


Below is the Sample email that gets sent to the users who are added to the StaffHub Group.


Users can connect to the group using the StaffHub or their Mobile phone(which is the intended way to consume this application) or via portal --> People --> Modern groups(as shown below).


In conclusion, I see StaffHub as an optimized way for Floor agents and managers in industries such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, on construction sites, etc to schedule work, share files and much more within team members with the help of Modern Groups in the background.

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