PrintTicket/PrintCapabilities verification

One of the really cool features in PrintVerifier is runtime verification of PrintTicket and PrintCapabilities documents. Let's talk a little more about this feature.

We have integrated the essence of the PTConform tool into PrintVerifier. While the PTConform tool is invaluable in its own way, it has certain drawbacks. In order to effectively verify the PrintTicket functionality of your print driver, you have to first save the set of PrintTickets/PrintCapabilities that your driver can potentially produce as static XML files and then run PTConform on these files. Needless to say, this can be a tedious task. PrintVerifier gives you the ability to perform this verification at runtime. PrintVerifier validates the following:

  • PrintTickets that are passed in by the application
  • PrintTickets/PrintCapabilities that are returned by the plug-in/filter.

If any of the above are found to be non-conformant to the Print Schema, a PrintVerifier stop is issued. The stop will contain the error message returned by PTConform as well as the PrintTicket/PrintCapabilities XML text.

PrintVerifier also offers you the flexibility to turn off just the PT/PC verification but get all the other benefits of the PrintAPI and PrintDriver layer checks. This could be of use in a scenario where you want to focus on a portion of your code that is not related to PT/PC and don't want to be randomized by PT/PC related stops. Although this flexibility is made available for a reason, we recommend that you stick to the default settings.

In summary, the PTConform integration with PrintVerifier allows you to validate your PrintTicket handling code simply by enabling PrintVerifier for the processes that host your print component.