Tech Ed is upon us.

If you are coming to Tech Ed this year, which is starting in a two weeks, I have a few sesssions there.

Break-out session (MBL402) "Creating a Compelling and Attractive UI When Developing for Windows Mobile and the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework".

II am going to show how to utilize the Alpha blending and Gradient drawing APIs that are available on the Windows Mobile platform to create a compelling UX. We also discuss ideas on how to think out of the box when designing UI for Windows Mobile devices. We also walk through the code that shows how to customize a standard controls (TreeView, ListView) with Gradient drawing.

The other one is a chalk-talk:

(MBL10-TLC) "Advanced Data Access for Windows Mobile Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008" in which I am going to show how to create a custom LINQ to SQL library that runs on .NET Compact Framework.