The new Zunes rock.

If you haven't lived under the rock for the last month or so, than you should have heard about the new Zunes the Microsoft has released a few weeks ago. So I've managed to get myself the Zune 80 on the day it was released and really been enjoying it. On my long flight to Seattle last night I put it for a real test and it hold up pretty good. Before boarding a plane (for about an hour) I listened a for some music, while on the plane I watched some podcasts and a movie, again listened a lot of music and the 5 hour and 35 minutes of the flight time passed pretty painlessly for me. Of course been a developer, I would have loved to be able to develop for the Zune  - I have got a few ideas of the apps that could be developed for it, but it's not possible yet. I hope, the Zune team will make this happen.