4 Surface Pros + Hyper-V + WiFi Hotspot = Fun For Nerds


What ridiculous things can 4 server geeks do with a sub-2lb tablet that has a Core i5 processor and a couple of free hours?


Install Server 2012, enable Hyper-V, create some VMs, and then use Shared-Nothing Live Migration to move them around over a WiFi Hotspot


Yes, we actually did this.  In fact, we did it 4 times over.  Mark, Charles, Kath and I all took our brand new Surface Pro devices (personal devices!) and got to cracking on this because we’re those kind of geeks.  In fact, it was so much fun we decided to create this fun track on the blog, and blog all about it.  We’re even going to tell you how to do it yourself.  Needless to say, none of this is best practice; In fact, it’s downright BAD practice.  No matter what though, it is fun.  In the next post, we’re actually going to post some photographic proof of our insanity.  I’m also going to adhere to blog guidelines and tell you exactly how and why we did it, and how we pulled it off in just a couple of hours.  It may not be supported, but it is informative.