Automation–Orchestrator Integration Pack for Text Manipulation

Hello once again Readers and Viewers!

So, here we are, first “real” post after my introduction…and this post and its associated deliverable is dedicated to the:

Orchestrator Integration Pack for Text Manipulation 1.1


The very first version of this was created with the old Quick Integration Kit (QIK). It was actually the first Integration Pack that I ever created. I wanted to test/sharpen my C# skills on something simple: Text Manipulation.

As far as where Orchestrator (then Opalis Integration Server) was during this time, well let’s say there was no fancy “Run .Net Script” activity to leverage when you were forced into a coding corner. In fact, I did most of my string manipulation in the “Query Database” activity.

What I really needed back then was an easy way to perform a Replace function (outside the Query Database activity). Once I had the C# code down for Replace, the rest of the actions just fell into place, usually brought about by some urgent customer need during a POC/Pilot/Implementation.

So, this Integration Pack - born out of the necessity to both sharpen skills and satisfy SOWs, still exists - and is still implemented in various customer environments worldwide.

Fun Fact: As of the publication of this post, the Orchestrator Integration Pack for Text Manipulation 1.1 and its documentation have been downloaded 1896 times from its previous home on CodePlex.

Relevance Today

Let’s take a look at the available activities within this Integration Pack:

  • Blank Line Search and Destroy
  • Count Character Occurrence Text
  • Find Character Occurrence Text
  • In File Replace Text
  • Keyword Range Search and Destroy Text
  • Keyword Search and Destroy Text
  • Passthrough Text
  • Replace Text

All of this can be done today using the “Run .Net Script”, so why implement this Integration Pack?

The simple answer is that with this Integration Pack, you do not need to “code” or “script” anything. You simply add the desired activity to the Runbook, configure and enJOY. The very definition of Orchestrator’s drag and drop design.

Needless to say, if you are a hardcore programmer/scripter, you will find this Integration Pack less appealing, but you still may find some use in the “drag and drop” encapsulated benefits of its activities.


Please refer to the available and included User Guide for instructions and example usage.


Click here for the TechNet Gallery Contribution for this Integration Pack!