Automation–The New World of Tenant Provisioning with Windows Azure Pack (Part 1): Introduction and Table of Contents

Hello Readers and Viewers!

Wow, it has been a while since I posted, in fact it was back in December with the completion of my Windows Azure & PowerShell Blog Series.

The good news is - in that time, I have been hard at work, developing new and exciting PowerShell for some of the new and exciting technologies that you likely already have had the chance to dive into: Windows Azure Pack (WAP) with VM Role Gallery Resources.


So, what is this blog series all about?

  • Applying existing knowledge of tenant provisioning techniques in this “new world”
  • Transforming existing knowledge (Service Templates) of tenant workload deployments into “WAP friendly” workload deployments (VM Role Gallery Resources)
  • Providing new automation (PowerShell scripts) for the latest tenant provisioning technology (WAP)


Remember when I published these two blog posts?

  1. Automation–PowerShell Workflow Script Spotlight–Deploying Virtual Machine Manager Service Templates “OnBehalfOf” Tenant Administrator User Roles
  2. Automation–PowerShell Workflow Script Spotlight–Creation and Parameterization of Virtual Machine Manager Run As Accounts for “OnBehalfOf” Service Template Deployment

Well, those were directly related to the initial learning around Tenant Provisioning my team gathered during an internal Proof of Concept. Back then, it was all about the “VMM Service Template”, and while some of that existing knowledge will work in this new world of WAP, the focus now is on VM Role Gallery Resources as the delivery mechanism for application workloads.

What can we salvage?

At the very least, all the existing knowledge around automated deployment of the Tenant Virtual Network (Isolated Software Defined Network (SDN)). As well as, some previously undisclosed techniques for automatically initiating the deployments - all of which still holds true, regardless of delivery mechanism.

What’s new?

The new automation involved in the deployment of VM Role Gallery Resources, as both a Service Admin (via VMM “OnBehalfOf” PS Commands) and a Tenant Admin (via the Service Management WS API).

Blog Series Table of Contents

  1. Part 1: Intro & TOC
  2. Part 2: Automated Deployment of Tenant Network and Identity Workload (Isolated Tenant Virtual Network & Active Directory VM Role; from the Service Admin Persona)
  3. Part 3: Automated Deployment of the Identity Workload as a Tenant Admin (Active Directory VM Role; from the Tenant Admin Persona)
  4. Part 4: Automated Deployment of Tenant Workloads (Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange) (Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange VM Roles; from both Service Admin and Tenant Admin Personas)
  5. Part 5: Working with the SQL Server resource provider, and the ITIL dilemma (by Bruno Saille)
  6. Part 6: TBD (We hope to have something around: Value Added Services/Offerings and Ongoing Automated Maintenance/Operations)

TechNet Gallery Contribution and Download

The download ( Windows Azure Pack Tenant Provisioning Automation ) includes (14) files.

For more information please refer to Part 4 of this blog series (near the bottom of the post), or in the description of the TechNet Gallery Contribution itself.

Download the Windows Azure Pack Tenant Provisioning Automation Toolkit from TechNet Gallery here:


Thanks for checking out my latest blog series! For more information, tips/tricks, and example solutions for Automation within System Center, Windows Azure Pack, Windows Azure, etc., be sure to check out the other blog posts from Building Clouds in the Automation Track!