Blog Roadmap

As opposed to starting every article by giving a “how does this post fit into a series, how does the series fit into the blog” explanation, which would bore the both of us, let me provide a very simplistic roadmap here so that you can see where this thing is going and what content may interest you most.


Context, Principles, Concepts & Patterns” is a part 4-part series that will conclude within the next week. This series sets the stage for the long-term goals of this blog. After this initial series, I plan to kick-off multiple concurrent content-tracks each covering a different aspect of Private Cloud. Tracks will include things like Infrastructure Architecture, Security, Service Management, etc. and will each encompass often quite low-level and technical posts. This is a TechNet blog after all. Not all content will then be technical as Private Cloud requires challenging age-old ideas about relationships, processes, and other non-technical matters. If you are like me (geek) you’ll often find those even more challenging than the techie stuff to wrap your head around.

As for timing, currently I’m trying to fast-track the content because there’s frankly a lot of great brain-food either partially written or stewing around and all I need to do is get it out of our heads and onto paper (browser, you know what I mean). This will mean posts at least weekly if not not multiple per week for a while so tune in often! Then, I really can’t predict the frequency since there will be many authors involved and, well, I’m not their boss so I can’t tell them what to do or when to do it (darn).


Private Cloud TechNet Blog Content-Tracks

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