Gartner Data Center Conference Coverage

Tonight I depart for sin city to attend the 2010 North America Gartner Data Center Conference. (aside: why do some folks use datacenter and some data center?). Check my Twitter feed @adamfazio for regular updates from the event and back here on Thursday 12/9 for a round-up of the the sessions and announcements. You


can also get all Tweets related to the event by searching #GartnerDC. I’m quite excited, this is my first non-vendor-specific conference although many vendors are, of course, participating and sponsoring the event. Strangely, Microsoft does not appear to be one of them. Therefore, this blog will also serve as the voice of Microsoft’s strategy as it relates to the thoughts, news, opinions, and data coming out of the conference. I hope you’ll join me here and inject your viewpoint as well.

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