How Do I Extend My Datacenter in Microsoft Azure?

Tom Shinder with his little girl SukiHow do you grow your puppy into a full fledged dog? It takes time, patience, work, and some knowledge of raising and training up a dog right. It’s not easy, but if you do the work, the benefits are enormous.

How do you extend your current on-premises datacenter into Microsoft Azure? Again, I could say that it takes time, patience, work and some knowledge of Azure and hybrid infrastructure.

OK, no problem with that. But where do you get that knowledge? You’ve heard about cloud computing and something about Azure, but how does the Azure public cloud stuff fit into your enterprise datacenter scheme?

What does it even look like?

We’ve wondered the same things, and we’ve heard the same from many of you too. That was our motivation for creating the Datacenter Reference Architecture Diagram. This diagram shows you what an enterprise datacenter extension into Azure would look like.

Not only that, but the diagram is interactive. When you hover over elements of the diagram you can see lifelike details for each of the objects. This is the information you’d need to know to really understand what a datacenter extension looks like.

In addition to the diagram, we also have a few other things to help you understand what datacenter extension in Azure looks like:

  • The diagram itself
  • A video that shows you the difference layers of the diagram and how you can use them
  • A transcript of the video so that you can read what was said during the video
  • An editable Visio diagram so that you can reuse any elements of the diagram for your on purposes
  • An Excel spreadsheet that contains detailed information about the objects and elements included in the diagram

For more information on the Datacenter Extension Reference Architecture Diagram, plus see Jim Dial’s post on the Azure Blog.



Tom Shinder
Azure architecture kinda guy and technical dude