Microsoft Private Cloud Goes Social

imageAre you deploying a Microsoft Private Cloud? Are you interested in talking about Microsoft Private Cloud? Maybe you’re new to the entire cloud business and want to see what’s happening in the world of Microsoft Private Cloud and participate in the conversation. Whatever your reason, one thing you do know is that you like to use social and community resources to learn new things.image

I’m the same way, and so we put together a collection of social and community venues where you can participate in the Microsoft Private Cloud conversation. We all have our preferred methods of participating, so we put together a diverse collection from which you can pick. Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t participate in all of these!

Here’s what we’ve put together so far:

I welcome you to participate in the Private Cloud conversation with us!

Another thing I’d like to let you know is that we’re reigniting the Private Cloud blog. Our goal is to publish two to three times a week and present a number of different voices and perspectives. While we expect most of the content will come from Microsoft employees, that doesn’t have to be the case! We welcome your input and contributions to the Microsoft Private Cloud blog.

If you would like us to review and post your work on the Microsoft Private Cloud blog, then let me know – send a note to and let’s talk about your ideas and how we share them on the blog with the rest of the Microsoft Private Cloud community.


Tom Shinder
Principal Knowledge Engineer, SCD iX Solutions Group 
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