Troubleshooting Installation & Configuration of Windows Azure Pack – An Introduction

The Windows Azure Pack (WAP) is the new boy in town and has got quite a bit of attention over the past few months.

Therefore I want to create some prescriptive guidance on how to troubleshoot potential issues with Windows Azure Pack.

After installing Windows Azure Pack several times and integrating it with SPF, SMA and other components I have stumbled over a series of things that caused me some challenges. In a series of blog posts I will try to list as many of these “challenges” as I can, so the reader can hopefully benefit from these in order to get WAP up as fast as possible without too many bumps on the way.

As Rome was not build in a day I will split the troubleshooting into a series of blog posts by area and describe some of the challenges my colleges and I have run into, configuring IaaS for Windows Azure Pack.

The expectation for these troubleshooting blog posts is that you have configured something in WAP and now it is not working as expected, how do I fix it??

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack.

When trying to understand where a certain issue may be within WAP it’s always a good thing to try to make a clean cut between the components to understand where the problem might reside.

Below is a list of areas and issues that I’m planning on releasing a blog post for. (Click on the link to get to the post, once it’s released)


    • Troubleshooting Installation of Windows Azure Pack
      • How do I install WAP if I don’t have internet connection from the WAP Server?
      • 500 Internal Server Error - Failed to configure databases and services
      • Access Denied: The User does not have permissions to access the Service Manger API


    • Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack, SPF & VMM
      • How to verify SPF is working correctly end to end
      • How to troubleshoot integration between WAP, SPF and VMM.
    • Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack & SMA
      • How to verify that SMA is working    
      • How to troubleshoot SMA
      • SMA runbooks not showing under VM Cloud Automation
      • Register Service Management Automation for VM Clouds stays grey under VM Clouds
    • Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack & Usage
      • SPF cannot connect to OM DW
      • Service Reporting shows “401 Authentication Failure” from WAP Usage API
      • Service Reporting Job is failing
      • Cubes not showing when connecting Performance Point to Service Reporting DW
    • Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack & Gallery Items
      • Gallery Items not showing in a Plan but shows under Gallery
      • Blank Windows showing when filling in VM Role in Tenant Portal
      • VMM shows and error when deploying a VM Role to VMM.
    • Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack & Plans and Subscriptions
      • VM Templates not showing in the list for a plan
      • Gallery items not showing in the list for a plan
      • VM Networks not showing in the list for a plan      
      • VM Networks not showing in Tenant portal or in Admin portal

Please stay tuned as November will be the month for troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack.

Happy Installing & Configuring Windows Azure and please let me know if this is useful and if I have missed any important areas or issues.