Welcome to post #1 on the Private Cloud TechNet Blog! I’m excited to be kicking off this new site covering all things Private Cloud at Microsoft. The goal here is to create a multi-author blog aimed at Private Cloud computing with a non-exclusive focus on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (virtualization, management, datacenter, service delivery, and other key cloud-enablers). My name is Adam Fazio and I'm the blog facilitator and a contributing author. I hope you’ll join the conversation on this fast-changing and exciting time for our industry.


The next post will set the stage for future content here and provide a vendor and product-agnostic overview of the common principles, concepts and characteristics of Private Cloud computing. From there we’ll be going deep and broad on this quickly evolving topic while staying focused on practical and pragmatic contentyou can use to evaluate, adopt, architect, and manage Private Cloud computing in your IT organization.

Please allow me to frame what this is and isn’t:

Is:  Multi-authored content from Microsoft Services, Product Groups, Partners, Vendors, and other industry experts & bloggers.

Isn’t:  Authoritative on Microsoft’s official Cloud, Private Cloud, or Product strategy

Is:  A two-way conversation between the authors and readers

Isn’t:   A place to publically throw nastygrams at each other

Is:  An exciting and rapidly evolving time for the industry and Microsoft

Isn’t:  Marketing or spin

Is:  Technical, fun & humorous in nature

Isn’t: my job :-)


Next up: Private Cloud principles and concepts.

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