Windows Azure Pack–Gallery Item VM Role–References for Creation, Configuration, and Automation

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By now, you have seen a number of posts on this blog assisting you through portions of what I will refer to as the “VM Role Lifecycle”.

In fact, we have…

  • …a blog series about VM Role Creation;
  • …posts about VM Role Import and Configuration;
  • and as of last week, a blog series on VM Role Automation (for Deployment).

To me, this looks like an entire lifecycle. Well, barring the “Deprovision” part, but that would likely either be manual, or just fall under “Automation” now, wouldn’t it?

In the end, I just wanted to put all the reference information in one post, so it is easy to lookup, find, and link to as necessary.

VM Role Lifecycle


VM Role Lifecycle References

The following is a list of available links, blog posts, and videos currently available through the Building Clouds and System Center VMM Blogs.


Video Tutorials (by Stephen Baron, Sr. Program Manager, WSSC CDM) :

VM Role Authoring Tool How To Videos Playlist

VM Role Gallery Item Virtual Hard Disk Requirements

Using the Service Models Web Platform Installer Feed


Blog Posts:

Overview of the Virtual Machine Role Authoring Tool

VMRole Guide for the Service Template Admin

Windows Azure Pack VMRole Gallery Items for Collaboration Workloads (Lync, Exchange, SharePoint)

Windows Azure Pack VMRole Gallery Items for Database Workloads : SQL Server 2012 and Oracle Database 12c

Updated Windows Azure Pack VMRole Gallery Items for SQL Server 2012 SP1 and SQL Server 2014

Application Management - System Center and the Web Platform Installer (WebPI)


Virtual Machine Role Example Kit

Gallery Resource Import Tool (GRIT) and GRIT 1.1 Update

imageFully written in PowerShell, the “Gallery Resource Import Tool” (GRIT) aims at simplifying discovery and installation of VMRole Gallery Items in Windows Azure Pack (WAP), in addition to help reduce manual errors when tagging virtual disks. Through this single tool, all the configuration and import steps can be achieved. (Download link available from associated blog post above.)


Blog Series: The New World of Tenant Provisioning with Windows Azure Pack

Part 1: Intro & TOC

Part 2: Automated Deployment of Tenant Network and Identity Workload

(Isolated Tenant Virtual Network & Active Directory VM Role; from the Service Admin Persona)

Part 3: Automated Deployment of the Identity Workload as a Tenant Admin

(Active Directory VM Role; from the Tenant Admin Persona)

Part 4: Automated Deployment of Tenant Workloads (Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange)

(Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange VM Roles; from both Service Admin and Tenant Admin Personas)

Part 5: Working with the SQL Server resource provider, and the ITIL dilemma (by Bruno Saille)

Note This post will be updated as more VM Role Lifecycle References become available.

and as a bonus…

Automated Tenant Provisioning, the 8-Minute-Demo Video!

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