Fixed or Not Repro

Recently I opened a discussion on the Microsoft responses to issues posted in the PFC. One question we’ve been grappling with that’s related is how to resolve bugs that repro on the original build the customer reported the issue for, but on our latest internal builds, it doesn’t repro anymore.


Should bugs that don’t repro on new builds be resolved as “Fixed” or “Not Repro”?


The reason the bug no longer repros may be because the developer noticed it an fixed it without logging the bug (hence we wouldn’t have a duplicate) or the bug could have been caused by a build integration issue that has since been resolved.


I’m inclined to resolve the issue as Fixed since it does repro on the original build and seems to have been somehow fixed in the meanwhile, even if we can’t necessarily pinpoint the fix. What are your thoughts?



Marie Hagman

Visual Studio

Program Manager