Suggestion of the Week

Ask and you shall receive! I've been thinking about a Suggestion of the Week since we started the Bug of the Week award because I run across so many great suggestions when hunting for bugs to award. So this week, I'd like to award the first Suggestion of the Week “Most Votes” Award to MSDN Product Feedback Center user “ShadowChaser” for the suggestion he posted:

Deploy updated/new icon sets with Visual Studio


This suggestion currently has a whopping 802 votes - the most of any suggestion OR bug submitted so far. The best thing about this suggestion and the overwhelming number of votes is that internally this had been marked as a low priority item initially. The design team wanted to offer an updated image library for VS 7.1 but this was cut due to low customer request a perception of low customer interest at that time. When Office upgraded their icons to high color which are more difficult to create than 16 color and more difficult to screen capture (due to the gradient background on Office command bars) the request for an updated library was expected. The fact that it was so high in the customer request list was a surprise to many and was the main reason this was addressed in Whidbey for Beta 2. Soma, Developer Devision Corporate VP, even blogged about this suggestion here


I'd like to emphasize the visibility bugs and suggestions get internally at MS when there is a high volume of customer feedback. With the PFC, we have the ability to easily receive and track customer interest which in turn helps us make better decisions, like including updated icon sets.


Thanks for helping make Visual Studio a better product and keep the great feedback coming!


Marie Hagman

Visual Studio

Program Manager