Progressive Development Moving to Biweekly Publication

Hello faithful readers!

A small announcement: I have decided that with the summer months approaching here in the Pacific Northwest I am going to decrease the frequency of blog posts for a while to once every two weeks (biweekly). The reasons are several:

  • Work is taking up quite a bit of time lately, and the blog is a non-work activity.
  • I am working on an exciting project that is related to the blog, and that will require some free time.
  • Since the weather is, well, suboptimal during much of the year in the Seattle area, the summer time typically brings bluer skies and I want to get outside more :-).

Rest assured I am still very much committed to the blog and will continue posting. I just need to slow it down a bit as it's a lot of effort.

Thanks for understanding. As always, keep the comments and suggestions coming. I love hearing from you.


Next blog posting: Tuesday, June 10, 2008.