Creating a Web Part that Lists Projects with a Specified Custom Field Value

To list all projects that have a specified value of a custom field, the easiest solution is to develop a PSI extension that queries the Reporting database (RDB) in Project Server 2010. When you install the attached file, the ListProjectsWebPart_JSGrid\ListProjects_PSIExtension subdirectory includes complete code samples to create and test the ListProjects PSI extension. The code sample in the ListProjectsWebPart_JSGrid\ListProjects_WebPart subdirectory creates the ListProjects Web Part that calls the PSI extension and displays a list of projects in a JS Grid control.

The same ListProjects Web Part can be used in Project Web App pages, project detail pages (PDPs), and project site pages (a project site was called a project workspace in Project Server 2007).

The Web Part to List Projects with a Custom Field Value.docx article in the attached is a draft of procedures that will be included in new articles in the next update of the Project 2010 SDK.