Customizing E-Mail for Project Server Notifications

Jim Corbin has written a draft article on how to customize e-mail notifications from Project Server:



Here is a draft of an article and source code that will be published in the Project 2007 SDK update late this year. The draft article Customizing Notifications.doc is in the attached


The article explains how to create an OnSending event handler for notifications, and shows the code for extracting relevant information from the notification XML data. If the event handler matches a notification type (specific alerts and reminders you want to customize), it transforms the XML data to a text or HTML e-mail using your custom XSLT file, sends the e-mail to the proper recipient, and then cancels the OnSending pre-event so that Project Server doesn’t send the default notification.


The article includes a discussion of how to extract the default XSLT files for notification e-mails from the Published database. The download includes the English language XSLT files, but you need to extract them for other languages. The article also includes a discussion of how to configure an SMTP virtual server for a test installation of Project Server.