Update of Project 2010 SDK–Online and Download

The Project 2010 SDK download and the MSDN online release are both updated. The updates have the same URLs as previous releases:

New conceptual / how-to topic:

·Topic updates for MSDN online, since the last update on March 7, 2011:
20 conceptual and how-to topics have updates. Most changes are relatively minor; the Change History table at the bottom of each topic shows significant changes.

  • Assn Element
  • ChangeList Elements
  • ChangeList Schema Reference
  • Developing Project Server Workflows
  • How to: Create a Project Server Event Handler and Log an Event
  • How to: Create a Proxy Assembly for WCF Services (SP1 note)
  • How to: Modify the Ribbon in PWA
  • Introduction to the ChangeList Schema and Statusing ChangeXML
  • Introduction to the SetAssignmentWorkData Schema
  • Prerequisites for ASMX-Based Code Samples (SP1 note)
  • Prerequisites for WCF-Based Code Samples (SP1 note)
  • Project 2010 SDK Documentation (overview of the Project 2010 SDK)
  • Project Server 2010 Programming Tasks
  • Project Server Error Codes
  • SetAssignmentWorkData Elements
  • SetAssignmentWorkData Schema Reference
  • Supported Project Fields and Field Information for Statusing ChangeXML (updated the valid change types for the Actual Overtime Work and Remaining Overtime Work fields)
  • Tables of VBA Object Model Changes
  • Walkthrough: Developing PSI Applications Using WCF
  • What's New for Developers in Project 2010 (programmability changes for SP1)

600 managed code types (classes that include new descriptions for one or more properties, methods, and events) are updated. There are new code samples for the following PSI methods:

  • QueueDeleteProjects
  • ReadResource
  • UpdateStatus
  • ReadProjectStatus
  • SubmitStatusForResource
  • ReadStatusForResource
  • ReadEventHandlerAssociationsForEvent
  • UpdateEventHandlerAssociations
  • CreateEventHandlerAssociations

New / updated items in the Project 2010 SDK download, which was last updated March 7:

  • Project2010SDK.chm is an HTML Help file that includes the same updated content that is online. In the managed code reference section, 99.8% of the types and members now have descriptions (26,530 out of a total 26,576 topics). That is up from 77.7% at RTM.
  • WINPROJ.DEV.hxs remains unchanged from the March update of VBA Help. There are instructions for replacing the local VBA Help file that was shipped with the Project RTM release.
  • IntelliSense files are updated for the PSI proxy assembly and the Project Server assemblies, to show descriptions of classes and members while programming in Visual Studio. The type and member descriptions have the same updates as in the HTML Help file (and in MSDN online).
  • The Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll assembly is updated for distribution with third-party solutions for SP1.
  • Event handler solution: TestProjectEventHandlers.
  • Test application for the Queue System: UsingQueueSystem shows an example of when to wait for the queue, and when you don’t need to wait.
  • ProjTool has a minor update, so the functionality of the Project Details dialog matches the description in Using the ProjTool Test Application .
  • New PSI code samples include complete WCF-based solutions for the following events: ProjectEventReceiver: OnCreating, OnCreated, OnSaved. Other new solutions show the use of the following PSI methods: QueueDeleteProjects, CreateEventHandlerAssociations, UpdateEventHandlerAssociations, ReadEventHandlerAssociationsForEvent, using the ReadResources and ReadResource methods to get the RBS custom field, creating a changeXml parameter for a different resource with the UpdateStatus method, and using SubmitStatusForResource and ReadStatusForResource.