ANNOUNCING: Project 2010 TechCenters on TechNet refreshed

It’s our pleasure to present you refreshed versions of our one-stop technical resources related to

· Upgrade and Migration to Project 2010 -

· Business Intelligence for Project 2010 -


These centers are part of the Project Server 2010 TechNet TechCenter and their concept is to collect relevant information in one place and to give end-to-end information from getting started quickly to deep dive.



Q: How about Demand Management and Portfolio Strategy?

A: We are working on Demand Management Center that will became one stop for information about Demand Management, Portfolio Strategy, including technicalities, like building custom Demand Management Infrastructure – including workflow. This center will live on the Project Server 2010 Center on TechNet - and will be available in few weeks.


Q: I’m a developer, what’s in there for me?

A: Many of included links include pure developer resources. We have decided not to fragment the resources between TechNet and MSDN – that’s why you might find also developer-related link to MSDN content in the above TechCenters.


Other Publicly Available Project 2010 Resources

· Product information and trial download

o Main product site

o Project Team Blog 

· End-User Product Help

o Project 2010 Help

o Project Server 2010 Help

· Interactive content – Videos/Sessions/Webcasts

o Quick Start Training -

o Project Video Channel -

o Project Webcasts -

· IT Professional related – TechNet

o TechCenter 

o Admin Blog

· Developer related - MSDN

o Developer center

o Programmability blog

· Project & Project Server 2010 Demo Image

o Download 

o Hosted Virtual Lab

· Got questions? Search or ask in the official Microsoft Forums


· SharePoint 2010