WHAT'S NEW: Project 2010 Evaluation Options and Resources

Based on frequent questions and exciting updates – please find the rich list of options for Evaluating Microsoft Project 2010-

Project Professional 2010 Evaluation

· Free 60 day trial download

· NEW: Now available in 26 languages!

· NEW: Now available in 32 and 64 bit!

· Get started here

Project Server 2010 Evaluation

· We offer 3 options to evaluate Project Server 2010 for free:

o Download the Project Server 2010 installation

o Download pre-configured Demo Virtual Image

o UPDATED: Use Hosted pre-configured Demo Virtual Image (now based on the final released version)

· Gain easier access to technical resources on TechNet and MSDN

· Get started here



Q: We are using Previous versions of Microsoft Project to build our plans, could we open the MPP files in Project 2010?

A: Absolutely, you can open the MPP files from users of previous versions of Microsoft Project. More information could be found here.

Q: Could my current Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 and Project Professional 2010 Evaluation version coexist on one machine?

A: Yes, the above versions could coexist on one machine. Please be advised that after you install Project 2010 side-by-side all MPP files will by default open in Project 2010. To open MPP file in Office Project 2007, please start Office Project 2007 first.

Q: We are currently using previous version of Project Server. Could I upgrade the data to Project Server 2010?

A: Absolutely. We have built Upgrade and Migration TechCenter for Project Server 2010 on Microsoft TechNet that has all resources and will help you learn about options quickly!


Q: To migrate from Office Project Server 2003 do I need to download Office Project Server 2007?

A: We advise to use the Virtual Migration Environment that already comes with pre-installed and pre-configured version of Office Project Server 2007 and Office SharePoint Server 2007. However you still have the option to download Evaluation version of Project 2007 from this URL if you like to build the migration environment on your own.

Other Project 2010 Resources

· Product information and trial download

o Main product site www.microsoft.com/project

o Project Team Blog blogs.msdn.com/project 

· End-User Product Help

o Project 2010 Help http://office2010.microsoft.com/project-help

o Project Server 2010 Help http://office2010.microsoft.com/project-server-help

· Interactive content – Videos/Sessions/Webcasts

o Quick Start Training - http://www.microsoft.com/project/en/us/quick-start-training.aspx

o Project Video Channel - www.microsoft.com/showcase/en/US/channels/microsoftproject

o Project Webcasts - www.microsoft.com/events/series/epm.aspx

· IT Professional related – TechNet

o TechCenter http://technet.microsoft.com/ProjectServer 

o Admin Blog http://blogs.technet.com/projectadministration

· Developer related - MSDN

o Developer center http://msdn.microsoft.com/Project

o Programmability blog http://blogs.msdn.com/project_programmability

· Project & Project Server 2010 Demo Image

o Download http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9713956 

o Hosted Virtual Lab http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9713654

· Got questions? Search or ask in the official Microsoft Forums

o http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/category/projectserver2010,projectprofessional2010

· SharePoint 2010

o http://sharepoint.microsoft.com