Interactive Command Finder for 2010 Ribbon

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I almost forgot to share this!

Let me start by saying that I LOVE the Fluent UI (“Ribbon”). I was not so sure about it at first when started using Office 2007 but after a short time I was pretty happy. Now in 2010 you can add your own buttons it is even better.

I have to admit that in Project I was SO used to the menus that it has been tough. But the Office user ed team came up with a VERY cool set of interactive guides. You open this page, select your Office application and point to a toolbar button or menu command and it visually shows you how to navigate to it in 2010.

So how do you find the Organizer in 2010? Open the Project 2010 app from the page above and then HOVER on Tools | Organizer. It pops up a small note saying how to get there.



CLICK on Tools | Organizer and it animates the clicks required to get there:



You can hit this from the web or choose to install it on your local machine for quick offline help.