Periodic Tasks for Project Managers

Periodic Tasks for Project Managers 


  1. Check the queue for Failed and Blocking jobs related to your plan in Server Settings > My Queued Jobs. 
  1. Review the errors related to failed and blocking jobs to troubleshoot. 
  1. Cancel Failed and Blocking jobs and/or re-submit them if required. 
  1. Check email notifications for the resources for undue or upcoming tasks (if the notification feature is turned-on).  


  1. Review task updates for accuracy in Approvals > Task Update. 
  1. Review the impact of the task updates on your plan using Preview Update. 
  1. Accept or reject task updates and publish your plan.  
  1. Update resource RBS values for new users.? Newly synched users from Active Directory won’t have an RBS. Note: This may be the job of the PMO. 


  1. Ensure that new team members get timesheet training. Your PMO may handle this task. 
  1. Best practices for submitting and reporting on actual work  
  1. Close completed tasks on your plan to updates.  
  1. Project Online and Project Server 2013 
  1. Project Server 2010  
  1. Review plans to ensure all tasks you know are complete show as complete. If they are not 100%, drill into assignments and figure out the resource who has remaining work to clear. 
  1. Close out all the project plans which are already completed and notify Project Server Administrator to archive them. Retention policies may require the project be maintained in the Project Server but hidden from view to regular users.  


You can see Periodic Tasks for Project Server Administrators here:

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