Connecting to REST Web Services: How to write WADL configuration files

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In addition to providing super-simple connectivity to a select number of web services, with Project Siena Beta 2 you can connect to REST enabled web-service using Web Application Description Language (WADL) configuration files.

As a business user interested in connecting to your organization’s REST enabled web-services ask your IT department or developer to create the WADL configuration files.

WADL Configuration Files

As a developer of REST enabled web-services, you can empower your business users by giving them the ability to connect to your services using WADL configuration files. For example, you can write a WADL configuration file that connects to your corporate data store, reads data from an online dashboard, or allows you to post on your internal enterprise social network.

For instructions on how to write your own WADL configuration file, see our TechNet wiki article detailing everything you need to know to get up and running:

This article introduces the basic concepts and building blocks necessary to describe your service and its resources for your business users. Please note, this article assumes you have experience with basic HTTP and XML concepts involved in web development.

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