Expression Media 2 - SP2 Released

by Amy Sorokas /


Expression Media 2

" What is Expression Media 2 ? "

Expression Media 2 is software that allows you to catalog, then organize, annotate, share, present, publish and protect your work.  It handles over a hundred file types that include not only still image files but also video, music, graphics, fonts, Excel sheets and more!  This can help you keep control of all the pieces of a project or job. 


The great thing about Expression Media for me is that it allows me to go back into my library of digital photos and find photos of a time or place very quickly.  I can find a date range or I can type in a place name that I know I added to my files.  It takes out the pain of sorting through images from various trips to the same location when you know you want the image from the time you were there in 2005. 


Another nice thing is it is available to use on both PC and Mac and the experience is the same. 


More about Expression Media 2 here :


" What’s new in Service Pack 2 ? "

A full list of fixes is available in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article here.


A couple things that were fixed which are worth highlighting are:

  • Importing a number of large images is very slow
  • Original file paths are used instead of new file paths when copying items to a new catalog.
  • Moving hierarchical keywords may incorrectly apply flat keywords to images
  • HTML gallery links show question marks when viewed in Mozilla Firefox browsers

Service Pack 2 for Expression Media is available for download here:

For Windows                 For  Mac  



If you are using Expression Media make sure to have SP1 installed first before installing SP2.  Enjoy!



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