Icons of Imaging – What are They Up To?

by Amy Sorokas /

I had the pleasure of speaking with many of the Icons of Imaging this week, and man, are they busy! A quick round up of what just some of them are working on might make your head spin. So hang onto your hats!


Bob Rosato just got home from shooting the NBA finals and his shot is on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated. You can check that out here. As you might guess, Bob said that it was a really fun series to shot.


Phil Borges is preparing for his trip to Tibet next month to work on a project about maternal mortality with One HEART. Phil’s work is always stunning and I am looking forward to getting updates from him and seeing the photos. And just a couple of weeks ago another organization he is very involved in, Bridges to Understanding, held its annual fundraiser where some of the great new student projects that help connect youth around the world were highlighted. You can look at all the recent work by the talented students here.


Matthew Jordan Smith has been busy with work but took a few moments and followed inspiration from a trip to the Natural History Museum in LA’s bug fair. He created a series of images called “Madame Butterfly.” Amazing hair and makeup paired with Matthew’s ability to highlight beauty made for some great images. Oh, and it sounds like he watched Frost Nixon with some very surreal coincidences!


Bambi Cantrell is busy with the wedding season and still finds time to get the cover of Metropolitan Bride Magazine!


Hopefully, that was inspiring and you are ready to break out your cameras no matter where you are this weekend – happy solstice!



Bob Rosato

Phil Borges

Matthew Jordan Smith

Bambi Cantrell

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