Introducing the Monthly Theme Assignment – July is “Places”

by Amy Sorokas /


Inspired by all the great photographers, images and videos I encounter every day, it is time to share some of that inspiration. In an attempt to get those creative juices flowing and make you pick up your camera and go shooting, it is time to launch the Monthly Theme Assignment.


The best way to motivate and get yourself out taking photos and video, is to see great work that makes you say, “wow, I want to try to take a picture like that!” So, in that spirit we have created a group out on Flickr called “Monthly Theme Assignment.” And that is exactly what it is going to be, a theme will be posted at the beginning of the month and then all the members of the group can contribute images or videos that display that theme. Your interpretation of the theme can be literal or creative.


Everyone is invited to join and participate!  Don’t worry about your skill level.   


The July theme is “places.” Make what you will of it, but here in Seattle it is that time of year when people head out to places near and far to have a vacation, or sometimes just a weekend getaway, or perhaps the latest fad of the “stay-cation.”  Wherever you are or plan to go, take your camera along and submit an image or two to the group to share and inspire others. 



Monthly Theme Assignment


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