Want to Zoom? Seadragon.com

by Amy Sorokas /

Our friends on the Live Labs team here at Microsoft just released a cool new service at www.seadragon.com.  You can now transform your own photos into zoomable images by using Seadragon and then embed them right on your website or blog.



It is very easy to do and interesting to see just what making an image zoomable can do for the viewing experience. You just need your image to be on the web – the image can be on a service like Flickr or SmugMug (just to name a few) - you simply grab the URL for the image, pop it in the address bar on Seadragon.com and hit “Create”. A few seconds later (time depends on the size of the original), your now fully zoomable image appears.



It is simple, free and doesn’t even require a sign up!  I made this image to share in only a few moments from a photo in my Flickr stream.  





For much more information, you can read a blog post from Bill Crow, check out www.livelabs.com or this blog post from the Seadragon team.  Or visit www.seadragon.com and try it out for yourself!





Blog post from Bill Crow


Blog Post from Seadragon Team


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