New and Improved Video Viewing Experience


This Preview represents work that is not yet fully finalized. Specific functionality and appearance are subject to change as we progress through the Preview period.


New and Improved Video Viewing Experience

We are pleased to announce the Preview release of an improved Workshop Library on-demand video viewing experience. This updated experience addresses some of the more fundamental gaps in the way customers leverage their Workshop Library on-demand subscriptions. This includes the way they navigate between their courses and videos, and the video player experience itself.

This Preview is available to all current and new Workshop Library on-demand subscribers. Subscribers will retain access once this moves from Preview to final release.


Learn more

Welcoming you is an integrated Learn More experience. This dialog will automatically appear the first time you sign in. Navigate through this experience to learn more about it or close it and jump right in.


Course Catalog

Customers now enjoy a completely new Course Catalog experience to navigate between and watch videos.

Key changes:

  • Streamlined navigation.
    • The new filter area on left, with course tiles on right, allows for significantly easier navigation between courses and videos.
  • Better filtering.
    • Filtering is now "sticky" which means we remember your previous filtering selections. You no longer need to re-apply your filter every time you sign in.
    • Count of courses allows you to know how many courses are available per category.
    • You can collapse/expand the filter area if you need more or less space for viewing the course tiles.
  • Course tiles.
    • Courses appear as tiles with key information at your fingertips.
      • Title, short description, duration, level and more.
    • Click on a course tile to view its videos.


View Videos

Once you've clicked on a course tile you'll see this new video viewing page where the course's modules and videos are displayed on the left, and the video player on the right.

Key changes:

  • List of videos.
    • View the list of available videos, per module, on the left.
    • Click the video you want to watch.
  • Bigger default video player.
    • We've heard your feedback and made the video player more of the Hero on this page by increasing its default size. You can still expand to full screen if you want an even larger player.
  • Watched videos.
    • A green check-mark appears next to any videos you've watched.


Course Overview

Click Course Overview on the left to see the course description and other key information.


Provide Feedback

Click the Preview link on the Course Catalog page to access a direct feedback link to our UserVoice site. Your feedback is always welcome.


Try It Out

We This new and improved video viewing experience is available today to all Workshop Library on-demand subscribers. Please sign into the website and check it out.

We hope you enjoy this early Preview and look forward to sharing even more about what's coming in the near future.

Jane Lewis,
Program Manager