SQL Setup ToolSuite Introduction (2) – Product Browser

Oftentimes when I worked on a setup case I hope I have a simple tool to tell me the detailed installed product properties and patch information. In Windows control panel I can find all installed products and its update but it doesn't provide detailed information like the package name of a product, the product code and package code, the cached MSI/MSP name etc. I think this is not a difficult task so I just make it and publish it to GitHub:


With the tool you can easy browse, search, or export detailed products information to text files.

You can download its latest version from above link or Version 1.2 here:
https://github.com/suyouquan/SQLSetupTools/releases/download/V2.2/ProductBrowser_V2.2NET45.zip https://github.com/suyouquan/SQLSetupTools/releases/download/V2.2/ProductBrowser_V2.2NET35.zip


Screenshot for your reference: