Everything you wanted to know about MIX10…

In Mike Swanson’s MIX10 Post, All About MIX10,  he tells you everything you wanted to know about MIX10 but were afraid to ask. This MIX is going to be an amazing event. There will be tons of new content around Silverlight, Phone, Tools and of course SharePoint. Well, ok we have a small SharePoint presence at MIX, but I think we are starting to get SharePoint in the minds of the designers. SharePoint 2010 provides a great opportunity for designers to leverage their design skills using the tools and technologies they already know, such as Blend, Visual Studio, Silverlight, ASP.NET, CSS, XSLT and so on.

In my MIX session I will walk you, the designers, through the tools and techniques for creating rich and engaging SharePoint applications and sites.


So if you have any feedback on what you would like to see, leave me a comment.

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Also if you are really hardcore you can walk across the street to the SharePoint Pro conference going on the same week in Vegas. I will be doing a number of more detailed sessions there as well.