HMV Music download

I've just finished a project to do a music download service (a bit like iTunes) for HMV. HMV are one of the largest music retailers in the UK, with a strong presence in Japan and Canada.

It was quite a lot of fun, although very short timescales. We started Jan 2005, and went live Sept 2005. We've done a couple of releases since then to tidy a few things up and it is looking quite nice now. You can download or look at a screenshot on:

The app is .NET 1.1 WinForms using Windows Media SDKs and DRM - I think the look is pretty cool. The back-end is .NET 2.0 ASP.NET and web services. There was also a lot of portable media player integration work (eg Creative Zen Micro, iRiver etc).

We just launched the HMV Windows Media Player 10 online store - if you go to WMP10 in the UK you will see HMV listed now. Its the same website as used in the WinForms app, tweaked for WMP10 usage.