SP1:Tweak of the Week ( or not )

Its come to my attention that various people and forums are suggesting tweaks to the ProcSpeed and Perfbucket values in the config file.

Folks, I hate to tell you, but this is the placebo effect.

We generate those numbers at startup and use them to set the default slider values.

PerfBuckets range from 1-7 and correspond to Minimal, Very Low, Low, Medium Low, Medium High, High, Ultra High.

Procspeed is generated by some code we run on the CPU, to help bucket your CPU. 

The procspeed and information about your graphics hw contributes to your default PerfBucket setting. Customizing your settings moves you out of the default PerfBucket setting, but there is no "number" for that.

They are not used beyond default settings, and we do not "read" the values back out of the config - they are "write only". We use them internally in our labs as extra verification of hw, there is no use in changing them. If you think that changing them is doing something, its not.