Timeline Update:XP,DX9,DX10

Now that my blog is all over arstechnica and digg, I need to correct something that is being misconstrued in my post about XP and DX10.

XP shipped in 2001 with DX8.1.

DX9 shipped Dec 2002. At that point the DX9 bits were final and could be used to make the desktop window manager and Aero. So that is the code branch I am talking about, and that is when DX10 wasnt "baked". Not back in the XP timeframe.

With the public demo of GPU memory management at WinHEC 2004 in April, thats roughly 2.5 years from the end of XP to a workable DX10.

One of my points, that what engineers enlisted into and checked code into ( the code branch ) was well beyond XP is made stronger and not diminished by me making clear this timeline.