Mango samples coming soon, no really!

Now that the consumer features of Mango have been announced and the beta developer tools have been released, it's time to make good on my promise to make the Mix / TechEd sample code available to all. I'll also try and post the push notifications code from TechEd that I borrowed from Tom Fennel.

I am in the process of doing this, but it will take a little while; first I need to install the beta software on my home PC to make sure all the demos work just fine (vs from the build I used at TechEd) and then I need to clean things up, add comments, and write a suitably informative post to go with the code.

In the meantime, you can download the tools, crack open the docs, and start partying on the APIs yourself! If you haven't already watched the talks from Mix or TechEd, you can find them here:

Note that Jesse Liberty has beaten me to the punch and already posted a blog entry based on my first Mix demo (notifications and clearing the back stack).