What Now?

I have had some readers ask what is to become of this blog. Well, it started out discussing Office Development, then it covered Threat Modelling, and most recently it has been about HDi. There have been several posts about the Pet Shop Boys and then there was this little post, too. That's the cool thing about Microsoft; you work on one thing for a while, and if it doesn't work out (or if you decide you want to try something new) then you just go do it.

One thing's for sure – I'm not about to start posting about BD-J authoring :-)

I still have a few script-based posts to finish, but after that I don't know how often I will update the blog because most likely I will be working on the Next Big Thing, and most likely that won't be public (and thus not blog-able). Anyway, thanks for reading and if you choose to stick around then maybe I'll post something cool again in a few months...