Top MPN Program/Membership Questions from March 2016

Based on what we’ve heard from partners in March 2016, here are answers to the questions you’ve been asking the most.


Review the top MPN program/membership questions asked by Partners – includes MPN program requirements, benefits, membership, training, downloads and software, enrollment/re-enrollment, and incentives.


How do I activate my Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses that I’ve received as a Microsoft Partner Network member?

You can find step-by-step instructions in the following article and video:

How to activate Microsoft Azure internal-use rights licenses Video: How to activate Microsoft Azure internal use rights licenses?         Internal Use Rights cloud and software benefit  


Where do I download Windows 10 software and product keys?

Partners with a Microsoft competency or Action Pack subscription can access their Windows 10 Enterprise software and product key for internal-use from the Partner Digital Distribution Portal. For development, testing, and evaluation purposes, partners can access software and keys with the MSDN subscription that they are granted as a program benefit. (These include the Pro and Home editions.) Access is limited to end users assigned to the MSDN subscription.

Note: Internal-use licenses for Windows 10 Enterprise are available as an upgrade only.

Note: The Software Download privilege is required to download software from the Digital Distribution Portal and the View Keys privilege is required to view the product. To access MSDN subscriber downloads, the Premium Subscriptions privilege is required for partners with a competency and the Technical Contact role is required for partners with an Action Pack subscription.

Note: Partners cannot use either existing Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 product keys to perform an in-place upgrade. Instead, a new key must be obtained from the Partner Digital Distribution Portal.

Partner Digital Distribution Portal             MSDN subscriptions        MSDN download site     


How do I activate my Enterprise Mobility Suite internal-use rights (IUR) licenses?          

Enterprise Mobility Suite IUR licenses are now available to Microsoft Action Pack, silver competency, and gold competency partners. Review the article below to learn more about the benefit and how to activate your licenses.

How to activate your Enterprise Mobility Suite internal-use rights licenses             Activate and assign Enterprise Mobility Suite licenses      Internal Use Rights cloud and software benefit  


Is it true that the no-cost promotion for silver cloud competencies has been extended?           

That is correct. The promotion period for silver cloud competencies has been extended to June 30, 2016. We have also reduced the threshold for the Silver and Gold Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency. Please review the pages below for more information.

What’s new - Waived competency fees 


How can I get an invoice for my Microsoft Action Pack enrollment?           

Microsoft Action Pack subscribers have a limited number of ways to print their own program-related invoices issued during the initial enrollment or renewal process.

KB 2910567: Microsoft Action Pack invoice request


What is the Cloud Services Partner Dashboard?

The Cloud Services Partner Dashboard helps resellers and distributors track the status of their customers’ subscriptions for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

You can use the dashboard as a source for key data to help you efficiently manage the subscriptions of customers who have designated your organization as their partner of record. With this data, you can more effectively and proactively drive demand, deployment, and renewals.

Learn more about the Microsoft Cloud Services Dashboard Microsoft Cloud Services Dashboard        Cloud Services Dashboard user guide     


Where can I find information about the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program?           

The Cloud Solution Provider program is a new offering, and at this point is available only to a select group of Microsoft partners. If you think your company is a great fit, talk to your Microsoft partner account representative.

Learn more about the CSP program         


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