Recommend testing article "Leading a Culture of Effective Testing"

Last week,  I came cross a great article by Wes McClure "Leading a Culture of Effective Testing", which I like most of his ideas:

"Sharing the responsibility and allowing developers to contribute to supporting the systems they create is the first step towards reaping the benefits of effective testing."

"When testing is given to another team, it's almost always manual and when it is automated it's usually an end to end test that is difficult to maintain. Isolated testers rarely have the insight nor capability to test on a lower level within the application and especially not on a unit level where the majority of effective verification is done!"

"The most effective testing I've been involved with was for projects where the outcome of the software was the foundation of everyone's focus. Instead of being told what to do, for example what report to create, I knew what business outcome was desired and could help decide what reports were necessary."

"Testing without purpose is like a form of punishment! Tests that don't help actually hurt, they add to the code that has to be maintained. Furthermore, useless tests lead to confusion in the long term as tests are highly regarded as sacred descriptions of how the system should work."

What do you think?