60 days till we RTM Visual Studio 2005

Today marks 60 days left till we sign off on Visual Studio 2005 (RTM = Release to Manufacturing).

From the setup perspective, we're looking pretty good.  We have 15 open setup bugs right now and we're on track to shutdown in mid October for a Nov 7th launch date.

For our IA64 customers, you may have heard we dropped design time support for IA64 after Beta 2.  However, cross compiling and runtime on IA64 is still supported.  Remote debugging is also supported.  We will also provide an IA64 redist with the cross compilers and tools to help you debug and develop IA64 products.  The redist will be available on MSDN and will be available to customers who purchase the enterprise products (Team Suite, Team Developer, Team Test, or Team Architect).

The August CTPs are also being released.  Check out MSDN as we start releasing them this week.

We're getting close.  Can't wait to finish this release and start working on Orcas :)