Changes to the dev center and VS gallery

While James and I have been out to conferences, the other two program managers on our team, Anthony and Ken have been busy with our websites.

Anthony has been working on the Visual Studio Gallery from day 1 and has just announced some new changes to the site.  Some of the changes include:

  • Ability to rate extensions and filter on highest rated
  • Ability to add comments about an extension
  • A "Was this review helpful" feature for comments
  • Extension authors can aggregate information about ratings on their extensions
  • Search results have been "jazzed up" to provide a better summary of the results

 Ken's been busy updating the dev center and vastly improved the Learn tab.  He's added twenty new pages to the dev center a several links on how to get started with building your own extension.  One of the comments I got from my Chalk Talk at Tech Ed was the information was all other the place.  Ken has consolidated a lot of the training information and documents to one site to make it easier for you to get to help content.

Take a look at the updates and let us know what you think about them.