Tech Ed Booth Duty

While in Orlando next week, there will be four of us staffing the VSX booth.  I'm still not 100% sure where the booth is but I've been told it'll be in the middle of the Developer Division booths.

We'll be giving away some cool swag so definately swing by if you'll be at Tech Ed.

I've spent most of my free time figuring out what to talk about at the Chalk Talk and spent some time today preparing what we'll show off at the booth.

We're going to have Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite installed with the Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.0.  In addition, I'll have the following Visual Studio extensions installed to demo:

Source Code Outliner

Iron Python studio

VSCT Powertoy

Storyboard designer

Power Commands

Wow Addon

All the extensions above are free downloads so try them out and come by if you have any questions on those extensions or just want to chat about Visual Studio Extensibility.

For VSIP partners, hope to see you at the VSIP partner event at Seaworld! :)