Tech Ed Day 3

Today was my chalk talk at Tech Ed.  We were hoping for a good crowd and weren't disappointed.  The talk started at 10:15 but by 10, the room was already half full.  We ended up getting over 40 people attending and I was able to go through all my materials within an hour.  That left plenty of time for questions at the end and from the questions, there was a lot of interest in the shell. 

After the talk, several attendees came by our booth and we had a lot of in depth discussions about the shell, what they can do with it, and how to extend it.  It was awesome seeing their eyes light up and think about scenarios where they can use the shell.

I'm also attaching my slide deck to this posting.  The slides were "borrowed" from my manager from a previous talk with some edits from me :)

After the huge wave of folks from the chalk talk, the booth was pretty dead the rest of the day.  We did manage to give away a ton of pens, Code Magazines, and flyers to the VSX Conference in September to random passer bys.  Catherine from our marketing team also joined us in the booth so it was great seeing a marketing pro solicit our product.

For those who attended the chalk talk this morning, thanks for coming!  hopefully you'll be able to get started extending Visual Studio and building your own shell applications.


VS 2008 Shell.pptx